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Production and marketing department is headed by the District Production and Marketing Officer, responsible for five functions namely: crop farming, veterinary and vermin control services, Fisheries, Tourism and trade and industry, and Entomology.

A number of extension staff, mainly Agricultural, Veterinary and Fisheries officers provide services at the Sub-county level.



The Production sector is mandated to provide technical support to farmers and other clients in order to enable them improve their level of production so as to ensure food security, household incomes and sustainable use of natural resources.

Strategic direction

The Production Department strives to provide quality extension services for the attainment of socio-economic development, which enhances productivity on a long-term basis to meet the needs of the current generation without comprising those of future generations.

Core functions

The core functions of Production and Marketing include:

  1. Initiation, guidance, promotion and support of livestock, crop, fisheries, apiculture and sericulture production and productivity, and ensuring their effective marketing.
  2. Provision, coordination and guidance of vermin control services.
  3. Promote and regulate industrial and commercial services in the district.
  4. Develop and provide a demand-driven, client oriented and farmer-led agricultural service delivery system, targeting the poor and the women.
  5. Support and monitor access to agricultural finance through the Savings and Credit Cooperative societies (SACCOs).
  6. Promote commercialization of agriculture, value addition, storage infrastructures to reduce post-harvest losses and agro-processing, focusing on small holder farmers.
  7. Popularize, disseminate and implement the National Cooperative Development Policy, to empower and guide cooperatives.
  8. Promotion of industrialization through milk processing and beverages  
  9. Promotion of community, religious and cultural tourism through initiatives, upgrade of tourism support infrastructure in conjunction with partners, and support to communities around/along tourist sites to engage in income generation activities.