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National leaders

National leaders link the district to Central Government and support the District Council in attaining its development goals.  Central and Local governments are different levels of the same government and therefore work in partnership and play distinct and complementary roles.

Our Members of parliament
Our representatives in parliament are drawn from different constituencies: Women, Kashari North, and Kashari South. MP’s are the official ears, eyes and mouthpiece of the local area at national level. They are ex-officio members of the council, but do not exercise any authority over it. Mbarara has three Members of Parliament representing Kashari North (Hon. Basil Bataringaya Rwankwende), Kashari South (Hon Nathan Itungo Twesigye)  and Mbarara Woman MP (Hon Margret Rwebyambu)

President’s representatives
The Resident District Commissioner is the representative of the President, and whose main role is monitoring the implementation of government programs in the district.
The Resident District Commissioner has a mandate of overseeing security and acts as chairperson of the district security committee.
The Resident District Commissioner has precedence over matters of national character in the district.