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District Chairperson, Welcome Message

 I take the pleasure to welcome you all to Mbarara District website. The District website provides a great opportunity to inform, share, disseminate and get feedback information regarding the services that we provide to our people.

I wish to congratulate the District Executive Committee, Hon. Councilors, the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) and his technical team as well as Hon. Members of Parliament for the good working relationship and joint coordination so far exhibited in the execution of your respective responsibilities. I appreciate the level of commitment expressed by the District Executive committee members towards promoting service delivery of Mbarara District.

The District Council is committed to improving service delivery of the district by focusing on Monitoring and supervision of district projects and promoting Local Revenue Mobilization and collection. The district is further committed to engage all sector heads to achieve sector performance in areas of Health and Education, Roads and water, Community Based Services, Land Management, Production services and Operation wealth creation.

The district however, faces a number of challenges ranging from inadequate human resource, limited means of transport, low revenue base thus low collections and security concerns in the district.

I therefore, encourage Hon. Members, Executive committee members, Hon. Councilors and the technical team to remain focused on identifying service delivery gaps in areas of their responsibility and always work towards providing viable solutions to benefit our people in a harmonious way.

I wish you good reading, comments and feedback to improve the performance of our district.

I say this for God and My Country



District Chairperson