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Production and marketing

Agriculture extension services which are the responsibility of local governments have been reformed to promote services to farmers on high yielding and commercial enterprises.  We provide crop, animal and fisheries husbandry extension services; entomological services and vermin control; trade development services; and cooperative development services. This has been done through a Programme for Modernization of Agriculture (PMA).  The PMA has key components of research, national advisory services, agro processing and marketing.
We employ a pro-people approach in transforming households to improve food security, nutrition and stabilize incomes. Crop farming contributes to 87.4 % of the economy and employment. We have improved access to agricultural extension services and productivity by focusing on agronomy and animal husbandry, agribusiness, reduction of post-harvest losses and marketing, targeting women and youth. Extension services focus on banana, coffee, beans and ground-nut production, which contribute a production output of 712,600; 13,681; 8,200 and 823 tons per annum respectively.

Currently, we prevent and control diseases among 197,345 exotic and indigenous cattle breeds through vaccinations, regulating movement and providing advisory services to farmers. We further protect consumers by inspecting slaughter places and products. Livestock contributes to 2% of the economy and household incomes.
Our Fisheries sector, promotes fish farming (aqua-culture); advisory services to farmers on pond construction, fertilization, feeding and harvesting; enforcing fish Regulations, ensuring quality of stock and fish farming inputs supplied to fish farmers. Privately owned fish ponds are 420 (sizes are 100m2 to 3,000m2). There are 3 stocked public valley dams. The average fish production is 11 tonnes from private ponds and 32 tonnes from stocked valley dams per annum and the annual fish stock is valued at UGX 344 million. 

Entomological services include promotion of beekeeping and tsetse control. Through Trade & Commercial services, we supervise cooperatives and promoting trade in the district. We promoted and guided establishment of 50 SACCOs with a share capital of UGX 13 billion and a loan portfolio of UGX 17 billion; 10 dairy cooperatives and a secondary agricultural marketing cooperative (Banyankole Kweterana).

Under Operation wealth creation (OWC), working with partners since 2014, distributed to farmers: 1,137,882 coffee seedlings; 10 tons of improved bean seed; 10 tons of improved maize seed; 8,049 mango seedlings; 40 in-calf Friesian heifers; and 3,890,000 tea seedlings. We encourage value addition and provide support to farmer entrepreneurs.
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